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Xavier Febrés – More than a wind, the tramuntana is a light

Praise and refutation of the tramuntana” is Xavier Febrés’s latest book

xfebresPraise and refutation of the tramuntana” is Xavier Febrés’s latest book
Xavier Febrés, journalist and writer with links to the Empordà and author of numerous books on the region, has just published “Praise and reputation of the tramuntana”. Reading it seems to bring the tramuntana blowing into the face of the reader.
What is this wind for you?
For me, more than a wind is a light. The tramuntana is normally a winter wind that cleans the skies and casts a radiant light.
The book is divided into two parts: “My tramuntana” and “Others people’s tramuntana”
A lot has been written about this wind, but it’s also important that each of us can offer our own personal perception. This is a wind that creates diverging opinions.
The book also speaks about the scientific and medical vision of the tramuntana.
The tramuntana is not a phenomenon that has been very well explored from a scientific standpoint, while, in contrast, there has been a large amount of material from folk on the effects of this wind.
What are you preparing after this book?
I dedicate much of my time to my blog “In defence of curiosity” ( It allows me to touch upon a wide variety of subjects and envisage possible future projects.



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