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Susana Basols – FIL MEDITERRANEAN, Travel Designers

– Where did the idea for the agency come from?
Fil Mediterranean arose from a need in the region to structure the tourist offer for business trips and company incentives. The resources for tourists in the regions of Girona are spectacular, but working with companies requires a different perspective to that of holiday tourism.

-What sets Fil Mediterranean apart?
It was founded with the mission to bring visitors closer to understanding our way of life here. When we design trips
we’re not searching for “the wow factor” but rather to share our Mediterranean lifestyle, the good life, the spirit of living healthily. For us it’s not just what we do that’s important, but also how we do it. We offer personalised trips that are tailor-made for each group, designed according to their needs and in a way that makes a positive contribution to the region.

-What kind of activities do you propose to your clients?
We propose cultural and gastronomic outings, activities related with the world of wine or sports… based on the  profile of each client and always looking to offer that special something. One activity which is particularly enchanting is a visit to a small port on the Costa Brava where clients are told about the fishing tradition. We then put on a fish cuisine workshop where our visitors have to clean up the whole fish and cook it following different recipes. This always goes down well! Another activity which makes us feel proud about our work is environmental volunteering, where participants use their own hands to reverse the damaging effects of mass tourism.

-What kind of responses do you get from your clients?
That’s the best part of the job! Sharing these experiences is hugely gratifying. They’re surprised and tell you how you’ve changed their vision of the Costa Brava. They tell us that they’ll be back with their families.

-How do you think tourism on the Costa Brava will evolve?
It depends greatly on what tourist companies and institutions do. It’s in everybody’s hands to work towards a more sustainable, respectful and environmentally-friendly kind of tourism.