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Muxach, La Coloma Nature School

Jordi Muxach, known for his award-winning sheepdogs, is now opening his farm to families and schools. Jordi Muxach’s cry of “Jaoo, Coloma, jaoo!” is today a household expression in Catalonia, where his dog Coloma won prize after prize in the region’s most prestigious sheepdog trials. Seeing how Jordi’s dogs obey him is a show in itself, as he calls out his commands: “Jaoo”, “right”, “left”, “gently”, “here”, and his dogs follow his orders to the letter. Until now, Jordi has always combined his work as a shepherd with exhibition shows in local festivals and sheepdog trials. Now, though, he has expanded his business by opening his farm to families and schools. “Children love to touch –Jordi tells us– and here they can brush the horses and ponies, feed the ducks and geese, collect the chickens’ eggs or go to the vegetable garden to pick whatever’s in season. The other day the kids were picking broad beans and we taught them how to shell them… We also have rabbits, which breed on a monthly basis, and the children love them. The other day, they saw a sheep giving birth. The kids bring their packed lunches and snacks, eat here and then we put on a show for them so they can see how the dogs work, rounding up sheep or geese”.  For the children, a visit to the farm is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience, which brings them closer to nature as well as teaching them to value the environment, everything on Muxach’s farm being 100% organic. “On Saturdays we open the farm to families and also offer lamb tastings accompanied by produce from the vegetable garden. Visitors are shown around the farm and can watch the dogs work.” Jordi admits that there are no secrets to how he teaches his dogs. “You have to get to know them and understand what each one is capable of. They all have their own personalities. Then it’s just a question of working them to get the most out of each animal”. Now, with so many years of experience in the field, he also does dog training and rehabilitation, courses for puppies and training  for aspiring shepherds or dog handlers. ⁂