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Monica Martí – Gardens with soul

Monica Martí holds degrees in Art History and Technical Agricultural Engineering and has more than 25 years’ experience in landscaping and garden design, into which she pours her soul.

“In my work the most important thing is to empathize with the client, adapt to the architecture and, above all, understand the place.” She believes you have to find the Genius loci, what used to be known as the place’s protective spirit, and get the full potential out of each space. Some areas will shine right from the beginning, and others will need patience to cultivate and appreciate the results.
For this landscape designer and nature lover, your garden should be where you feel at ease, where all your favourite species of plants are flourishing, where you are reminded of childhood smells. It’s your outdoor living room, a place to share with family and friends. For country houses, she recommends using fencing as discretely as possible and loves using vegetation to close a space.
The Mediterranean style is her trademark and the thread that connects her projects. Her designs are based on the water availability of each place and she endeavours to avoid clients seeing plant’s such as fennel or poppies as “weeds”.
To appreciate what an area of land can offer and draw accurate assessments you have to observe, pay close attention and show respect. The result is what she dubs “a place’s transparency”. And that is what her gardens are like, with boundaries that integrate seamlessly with their environment and a carefully studied design, which may sometimes look wild, but is actually considered from start to finish. “It is very important to keep the climate and the soil quality in mind. It makes no sense to lay lawn where there is little water or plant tropical species in a Mediterranean climate.” She knows how to best use native species, which, without a doubt, are those that grow best and need least looking after. It’s like painting a picture in nature, only with living things, she tells us, while delicately tracing her next project in watercolours. A picture, which she will later bring to life.