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La Muga Caula

Visitors Become Part of the Action Art at La Muga Caula Festival.

Since 2005, one of the Alt Empordà’s smallest villages has hosted a festival unlike any other, where audiences become part of the creation itself. Get ready to be surprised, for emotions to run high, to lend a hand, watch, eat, sleep, hold a rope, swim and any one of an endless list of unpredictable possibilities. The whole village gets involved, with visitors and hosts joining forces in this three-day party. At La Muga Caula you can share your admiration for Marcel Duchamp with the older residents and local farmers of Les Escaules, who, after twelve years of holding the festival know more than most about the avant-garde. It all takes place near the magnificent Caula Waterfall, which Marcel Duchamp allegedly visited once with his friend Dalí, an event not without its controversies, as some, for example, claim he was never even there!

So what can we say about this exceptional summer’s end festival offered to us by this community of performance artists? Few words can describe the surprises visitors will find in all corners of the village, the forest, the river and the castle tower, or the clever spin that turns the tables on the audience who, before they know what is happening, are tying knots, walking, shouting or clambering onto chairs only to find themselves becoming the art itself….
And what’s more, a group of young local artists have been entrusted with this year’s festival poster, which promises, yet again, to be an excellent souvenir of the event.
And there’s good news for hearts and stomachs: this year the lunches and dinner form part of the action art, in a bid for playfulness, humour, rejoicing and the pleasure of eating and drinking together. And what’s best of all is that it feels like it will never end, and visitors seem never to tire; they just keep wanting more… oh, Horn of Plenty!

Texto: Clara Garí
Fotos: Joan Casellas – Arxiu Aire