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Joan Casanova – The legend of Vulpellac castle


The discovery of a woman’s skeleton buried in the old cellar of Vulpellac Castle, inspired the legend of the woman who was entombed by the lord of the castle. It is said that the previous owner used to hear deep breathing
and his children on occasion saw a kind of white mist floating down the corridors. After several exorcisms, there have been no more strange happenings.

The lords of Vulpelibro-joan-casanovasllac and Cruïlles were friends, the latter would often visit the castle. Lord Miquel Sarriera of Vulpellac became profoundly jealous on seeing how his wife and friend would look at one another and believed they were having an affair. He immediately shut her away in a room in the tower. On his next visit, the lord of Cruïlles asked Sarriera if his wife was unwell, which the latter saw as proof of his suspicions. He left his wife to die and buried her at the foot of the tower. When the lord of Cruïlles found out he made it public and Sarriera was excommunicated by the church. Miquel Sarriera, who made tiles with the inscription Ego sum qui pecabit (it is I who sinned), went mad and spent the rest of his life scratching at the ground as if trying to unearth his wife. ᚂ


joan-casanovasJoan Casanova

Joan Casanova is author of the book “Around Vulpellac”, a journey to the middle ages through the region’s Romanesque and medieval castles. He is now about to publish his second book “Medieval Catalonia in the Empordà”.