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Francesca Mineo – A passion for old roses

When Francesca gets started on her roses, there’s no stopping her. More than just a hobby, roses are Francesca great passion in life. As we stroll around her garden discovering the enchanting nooks she has created, she talks about the wonders of old garden roses. “They have such a strong fragrance and elegant, almost wild shape, whether climbers or shrubs. They have little in common with the rigidstemmed hybrid roses sold at most garden centers”. Francesca was born in Sardinia, studied in Florence and settled, over thirty years ago, in a small village in the Empordà, where she gives courses on old garden roses and organizes trips to her native Italy or the south of France to visit gardens. “But what I most enjoy is salvaging old garden roses. Along the paths around medieval villages I have found a lot of old garden roses, plants that have survived the buildings and grow wild in many places”.
She discovers them in the spring, when they are in bloom, and returns in the autumn for cuttings. There are now over 150 varieties of rose in her garden, some climb over the pergola, their perfume infusing the terrace, while others can be found dotted about the
vegetable garden and more still in flowerpots waiting to be transplanted in the garden. ⁂

Francesca Mineo -Riuràs – Tel. 610 088 701