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Evelyn Segura – An eternal Empordà…?

A restless mind will often go hand in hand with a rootless body. That was my life until I entered my thirties. It was as if my home was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. But for reasons that escape my scientific reasoning, I was trapped by the Empordà.
Who knows if it was for the warmth of its light or the histories of its towns and villages and its people, or perhaps because of its coastline or the wealth of its marine depths… But then, falling in love can’t be pinned down to one reason, can it? I’ve adopted the Empordà as my home, out of love and out of choice. I’ve lived and worked here for almost ten years and it is the place where I have chosen to start a family. We always want the best for our children and for me, the Empordà is the perfect place for helping them to grow and become what they want to be.
But there are those who wish to fade the glory of this land I love so much, the land of my children. The very same people who use the Costa Brava’s quality of life and its natural environment as a selling point, are also threatening it with an avalanche of unsustainable, unnecessary and obsolete development projects. How could someone want to destroy the very essence that defines us? It saddens and outrages me to think that the day may eventually come when
I have to explain to my children that the world I wanted for them has disappeared under cement. That the countryside used to be so much greener and the air more pure. That we could hear the birds sing and smell the thyme as it floated on the breeze. That the sea was blue and there was life still to be found in its depths.
The Empordà can grow, it can evolve, it can mature, but towards a model that is more responsible, sustainable and respectful of the environment. The beauty of this land lies in a fragile and precious balance.
Nobody said that living in a small paradise would be easy. We need to fight to protect it. If only we didn’t! Perhaps one day.

Evelyn Segura is a biologist and scientific communicator. She has dedicated a large part of her career to the biodiversity of the Mediterranean, coordinating citizen-based science projects. In recent years, she has specialised in scientific  dissemination.
Since 2015, she has presented the TV show ¡Qué animal! on Spanish Television’s La 2, for which she is also a scriptwriter and scientific consultant. She is also a regular contributor for the magazine programme Arucitys on LaSexta and has just published her first book “Adaptarse o morir” (Adapt or Die) (2019)