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Escola de radicals – A chronicle of environmental activism in the Empordà

It was Xavier Rubert de Ventós who talked about “civil disobedience”, in reference to the camps in 1977 and 1978 in Aiguamolls in the Emporda, which stopped the developers’ bulldozers in their tracks. Since then, an environmental militancy has fought to preserve the dignity of the Empordanese countryside.
While pressure in the sixties and seventies from real estate developers gave rise to the first wave of environmental activism, in more recent times, the property bubble in the nineties and 2000s activated new tools in the struggle towards management of region according to a sustainable economic and social model. This publication of joint authorship chronicles what kind of Emporda we would have had if it had not been for this school of radicals, which is now beginning to enjoy the weight of tradition.
A selection has been made of seventeen environmentally abusive projects, which have been planned for the region of the Emporda over the last forty years and which were not undertaken thanks to an active response from the population. Projects are also included which were brought to fruition but which displayed certain irregularities or which local people tried to stop.