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Cristina Flores and Carles Sòria – Ecoturisme Empordà

Cristina Flores and Carles Sòria, founders of the Ecoturisme Empordà platform


-How did you come up with the idea of setting up Ecoturisme Empordà?
Having a keen interest in wildlife watching and ecotourism, we noticed that it was hard to find information on these kinds of initiatives in the Empordà. Ecotourism was always mixed up with other kinds of tourism (culinary tourism, adventure tourism…) and we thought we could create an online platform that would bring together wildlife watching and responsible tourism activities organized in the Empordà.
-What kind of activities can be found there?
Website users can find anything from wildlife watching to low-impact activities. There are also activities related with ecological production and agriculture.
-Do you also promote local products?
Ecoturisme Empordà also has a section aimed at promoting ecological and artisan products made in the Empordà by
cooperatives and small producers in the region which can be purchased either on the website or from collaborating
-What are your intentions in the medium to long term?
In a second phase we would like to expand to include the Baix Empordà and promote the ecological products and
responsible tourism on offer there.