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Concep Gual – Sculptures that embellish their surroundings

The universe of Concep Gual offers us a warm welcome. Her work displays an aesthetic  that combines lights, shadows, textures and  colours, whisking us away to an inspirational  orldw that feeds our dreams.
She’s an artist that takes her time, but makes steady progress. She began her design and art studies at the Escola Massana in Barcelona, going on to train at the Revere Academy in San  Francisco, the Arte Sotto Un Tetto academy (Florence) and at Saint Martin’s School of Art (London), where she learnt the tools she needed to embark on her artistic career. She began by designing and producing jewellery: “I’ve produced and sold my own jewellery collection and collaborated with fashion brands designing everything from accessories to company gifts.
Her jewellery has been exhibited in Begur, Barcelona, Madrid, San Francisco, New York and Tokyo, among other places, and is always well received by the public. And now she’s gone one step further, expanding in size from creating small pieces of jewellery to producing large, powerful sculptures. The transition from the world of jewellery to sculpture was both natural and spontaneous. “I began designing pieces and iron furniture with a practical purpose and around two years ago I came across the work of the person who would become my sculpture teacher, Pablo Bruera, who helped me to get started creating my designs-sculptures.
In her work, she uses iron and wood to which she gives special finishes through oxide patinas, gold leaf or varnish. Her sculptures with light are designed to move and rotate, thereby altering the shadows they cast.
Concep admits that her creations come more from the world of design than the world of art. “I like them to have a practical or emotional function. My motivation comes from the idea of embellishing my surroundings and the environments of people who are close to me. In the future, I want to continue combining the two disciplines,  although in the short run I’m going to be working with sculpture, as I have a project to work on outside of Spain that really motivates me”.