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Bravanariz – Bottling the Empordà’s landscape

Landscapes emerge from a relationship. There is no landscape without someone to contemplate it, frame it and give it meaning. But it is not only with your eyes that you can perceive landscape. It takes hold of all 5 of your senses. And smell plays a leading role. Looking down at the land from a mountain peak brings us close to the sublime. But if at that moment the air was filled with air freshener, it would ruin everything.
Ernesto Collado is fascinated by the Empordanese landscape, which he has immersed himself in for more
than 20 years. In his own words: it is not a question of moving through it, but rather of letting it move through
you. To accomplish this, he has created Bravanariz, a brand of 100% natural perfumes made from ingredients
gathered in the wilds of the Empordà.