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Abellaires Empordanesos – Save the bees!

Marc R. Arumí, a beekeeper with years of experience, is painfully aware that bees are in danger and their numbers are falling. 30 years ago a hive would give 20 kg of honey a year, while today they average just 15. This is because insecticides, climate change, new parasites, like varroa, and predators, like the Asian hornet, are threatening their survival. The population has greatly diminished and if we do not protect them, then one day there may be none left.
Honeybees – Marc tells us – along with other pollinating agents are essential for life on Earth. If they are endangered, the effects could be disastrous for the entire ecosystem. You have to remember that bee pollination is valued at 3 billion euros a year.” Marc is also in favor of ecological treatments using products like thymol. “It may not be so efficient, but the bees have grown used to the varroa mite, and today’s generations have strong defenses against the parasite“.

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