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2018 – Fages de Climent Year

The Generalitat de Catalunya has declared 2018 Fages de
Climent Year, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary since
the death of this controversial Empordanese writer. A series of
events will take place to disseminate the work of Carles Fages
de Climent (Figueres, 1902-1968), and resources will also be
invested in studying his legacy and cataloging and digitizing the
writer’s work, as well as publishing some of his unpublished texts.
Fages de Climent was known, above all, for “Les Bruixes de Llers” (the witches of Llers) , a work whose first edition featured illustrations by a then-unknown Salvador Dalí, and for the book of poems “Balada del Sabater d’Ordis” (The Balad of the Cobbler of Ordis), which relates the story of a desperate man who uses a cane to direct the tramuntana wind, described by Fages de Climent’s friend, Eugeni d’Ors, as a kind of Empordanese Quixote.
Conferences, recitals, exhibitions and literary itineraries will do justice to this often forgotten writer, who deserves a special place in Catalan literary history.



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