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Pals - Enginyer Algarra, 51 - 972 636 088


Contemporary Catalan cuisine using seasonal produce, such as rice from the paddy fields of Pals and locally caught and bred fish and meat. With an emphasis on the local, the wine menu consists primarily of Catalan wines, particularly those produced in the Empordà


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  • Mas Sorrer Gualta Empord massorrer
  • Boia Nit by Manel Veh Special cocktails for amazing nights
  • Exposici de Jordi Gich a lEspai Tnic de Vulpellac empord
  • A partir davui ja la podeu comenar a trobar als
  • Anthaxia hungarica anthaxiahungarica faunaempordanesa    Empord emporda insectes