Miss Dalí – A greek tragedy in the Empordà

Salvador Dalí was one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. A controversial character, who never failed to provoke a reaction, both because of his art and his brilliance. A multifaceted person, who witnessed and participated in the new artistic movements of the century, such as...

Salvem l’Empordà – 15 years of environmental activism

On 14 June 2002, the IAEDEN called for the creation of a transversal citizen platform capable of defending the environment of the Empordà. Salvem l’Empordà has done a lot of work in the last 15 years. In 2006, it achieved one of its main goals when the public authorities approved the Land-Use...


Abellaires Empordanesos – Save the bees!

Marc R. Arumí, a beekeeper with years of experience, is painfully aware that bees are in danger and their numbers are falling. 30 years ago a hive would give 20 kg of honey a year, while today they average just 15. This is because insecticides, climate change, new
parasites, like varroa, and...

Bravanariz – Bottling the Empordà’s landscape

Landscapes emerge from a relationship. There is no landscape without someone to contemplate it, frame it and give it meaning. But it is not only with your eyes that you can perceive landscape. It takes hold of all 5 of your senses. And smell plays a leading role. Looking down at the land from a...

Toni Llobet – The naturalist illustrated

A lover of the nature which he has depicted with absolute precision, his drawings illustrate countless field guides and books for identifying wildlife.
How did all this start?
The link between nature and art began at Aiguamolls in the Empordà. I already used to go there with my parents all the...

The flag of Empordà

Did you know that the Empordà has a flag that dates back 100 years?
The Ateneu Empordanès (Empordanese social centre) of Barcelona was founded in 1916, continuing on from the Centre Empordanès that operated in the city between 1891-1894. It was formed with the aim of preserving, improving and...

Jordi Meli – Megalithic landscapes

“Paisatge megalític de l’Alt Empordà” began as a commission from the Sant Climent Sescebes Town Council in 2011 for a series of photographs that portrayed the Aspres region. The project subsequently blossomed into a display of our great megalithic heritage and the magnificent...

Music Lan – The wanted sound

Music Lan Studios in Avinyonet de Puigventós is undoubtedly the country’s top residential recording, mixing and mastering studio. A claim upheld by the long list of artists that have recorded there in the last twenty years, including Quimi Portet, Llach, Manolo Garcia, Shakira, Mariah Carey...

Tajadura – The unofficial archivist of Cadaqués

Everyone in the Empordà’s charming town of Cadaqués knows Tajadura.

As a child, Joan Manel Tajadura dreamed of one day becoming an archeologist and would always ask for “tools, tools, tools!” he remembers. Tools and books he tells me. “I would devour encyclopedias, looking for...

La Muga Caula

Visitors Become Part of the Action Art at La Muga Caula Festival.
Since 2005, one of the Alt Empordà’s smallest villages has hosted a festival unlike any other, where audiences become part of the creation itself. Get ready to be surprised, for emotions to run high, to lend a hand, watch, eat...

Francesca Mineo – A passion for old roses

When Francesca gets started on her roses, there’s no stopping her. More than just a hobby, roses are Francesca great passion in life. As we stroll around her garden discovering the enchanting nooks she has created, she talks about the wonders of old garden roses. “They have such a strong...

Monica Martí – Gardens with soul

Monica Martí holds degrees in Art History and Technical Agricultural Engineering and has more than 25 years’ experience in landscaping and garden design, into which she pours her soul.

“In my work the most important thing is to empathize with the client, adapt to the architecture and...

Hiroshi Kitamura – Nature as a starting point

It wasn’t culture, curiosity or the differences between East and West that brought Hiroshi Kitamura to Europe from his native Japan thirty years ago. Fascinated by the materials, forms and expressions that make up our surrounding habitats -elements that can be seen and others that remain hidden...

Muxach, La Coloma Nature School

Jordi Muxach, known for his award-winning sheepdogs, is now opening his farm to families and schools. Jordi Muxach’s cry of “Jaoo, Coloma, jaoo!” is today a household expression in Catalonia, where his dog Coloma won prize after prize in the region’s most prestigious sheepdog trials. Seeing...


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